Home Staging

Preparing your property for buyer or renter eyes

Helping you to sell or rent faster & get a better price!

If you are struggling to sell or rent your house in a saturated and competitive market, attracting viewers but just can’t clinch the sale or, most importantly, if you want to maximise your investment rather than drop the sale price – then you need Home Staging.

Home staging services developed and provided by White Pearl Cleaning have been designed specifically to support people who are selling or renting their properties.

We provide property presentation for the sales or rental markets

Key benefits:

  • • Attracts a wider range of potential buyers/renters
  • • Enhances home features and maximizes potential
  • • Encourages a quicker sale or rent and reduces time on the market
  • • Avoids dropping sale or rental price
  • • Potentially increases selling / renting price by on average 10-15 per cent
  • • Ensures work is carried out professionally and is cost effective
  • • A worthwhile investment

The idea is to spend a minimum budget to maximum effect ensuring a quick sale or rental for a premium price.

When carried out professionally and properly, home staging focuses potential buyers’ & renters’ attention towards attractive features whilst minimising flaws.

And if you’re worried about spending money on a property you are selling – yes we know exactly what you’re thinking – then just focus on the profit! Be honest, would you rather reduce your property by some thousand pounds or lose hundreds a year in potential rent or set a small budget and get full price?

Home staging is an investment where very often the budget is more than recouped within the achieved selling/rental price.

Refusing to spend money on the house you are leaving is often a false economy.

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